120W Monocrystalline Folding Solar Panel Kit



2 x 60Watt Solar Panels unfold to create 120Watt of solar power.
Curtech has designed a folding solar panel kit with not only power output in mind but also the user.
  • Curtech 120W folding solar panels consist of 2 x 60W A grade, high efficient German cell, dioded Monocrystalline Solar Panels with a 35mm strong aluminium frame.
  • Each corner of the solar panel is covered with a protective plastic cover.
  • A strong carry handle and latches have been used to hold the panels together when carrying or placing in storage.
  • Sturdy legs have been selected with simple operation of a wing nut to help make setup and packing away a simple task.
  • 5m of lead including the battery clips is included along with a fuse to reduce the possibility of regulator damage if the battery is shorted out for any reason.
  • To protect this quality kit, we have included a padded carry bag to protect it when in transit or storage.
The solar panels are manufactured using high quality A grade German solar cells which are assembled in China, connected to a water resistant LCD Curtech solar regulator, providing a high output charge for 4 types of batteries. The regulator will charge Flood, Sealed (AGM), Gel and Calcium batteries. Simply press the battery type button for 3 seconds then select the type of battery you want to charge. All parameters are preset so you do not need to worry about modifying voltages.
The regulator will also display 'FUL' when your battery is fully charged no need to guess on voltage alone. The regulator will also show you the current voltage of your battery and how many amps are being put into your battery and will also tell you the total amount of charge that has been put into your battery whilst the regulator has been connected.
To make viewing of all this information we have installed the regulator on a swinging arm which can be swung down and viewed whilst standing behind the kit. No more need to get down on your knees and bend over to view the regulator.
The ability to bypass the regulator is also available on this kit. This allows the kit to be used with external solar controllers such as DC to DC chargers with inbuilt solar controllers.
When packing your kit away
  1. Push the swinging regulator bracket back onto its rest.
  2. Roll up the wire and hold it together with the reusable Velcro tie which is installed on the lead.
  3. Push the folding kit forward undo the wing nut on each leg and push the legs individually toward the panels then tighten the wing nut again to secure the legs in its transit position.
  4. Place the battery lead on the back of the panel with the regulator then close the kit.
  5. Secure the kit closed by using the two latches provided on each side of the carry handle.
  6. Place the kit in the padded bag and the kit is ready for next time you need it.
Solar panels
2 x 60W
Module size (mm)
770 x 505 x 70
Weight (kg)
Power tolerance
Nominal peak power (Wp)
Nominal voltage (V)
Nominal current (A)
Voltage temperature coefficient
Current temperature coefficient
Power temperate coefficient
Open circuit voltage (Voc)
Short circuit current (Isc)
Conversion efficiency
Operating temperature
-40°C to +85°C
Max system voltage
600V DC

  • Model: [CT-K120]

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