40W Monocrystalline Folding Solar Panel Kit



This product is designed by us for the camper who needs power to run lights and occasional use of a TV and DVD or just want to keep your batteries charged when in storage. It is light weight, easy to set up and store.
It consists of two 20W Monocrystalline Solar Panels, Carry Handle, Panel Latch to hold panels together when closed, 5Amp Regulator, Support Leg, Leg Strap, Battery Leads and Clips with an Anderson Compatible Plug, Padded Bag, Regulator Manual and User Manual.
The panels have a strong aluminium frame around the Monocrystalline solar cells and the solar cells are covered by toughened glass. The regulator is attached to the back of the solar panel.
The regulator power terminals can be connected to a battery by using the battery clips included or plugged into another Anderson Plug. Handy if you want to connect to your caravan when in storage.
The two panels fold together and are held in place with a latch. Can easily be carried and secured with the strong carry handle attached to the aluminium frame of the solar panel.
The leg is aluminium and includes a sturdy strap which is attached to leg and the frame of the solar panel. This stops the leg from opening or slipping in windy or damp conditions. The strap is off the ground to help keep it clean and in good condition.
The padded bag has a pocket inside to store those odds and ends we all collect, along with the operation manuals. It also has a carry handle.
If you don't need a big solar panel kit to run fridges or need a maintenance battery charger you will find this kit will meet or beat all your expectations.
Solar panels
2 x 20W
Module size (mm)
600 x 285 x 50
Weight (kg)
Power tolerance
Nominal peak power (Wp)
Nominal voltage (V)
Nominal current (A)
Voltage temperature coefficient
Current temperature coefficient
Power temperate coefficient
Open circuit voltage (Voc)
Short circuit current (Isc)
Conversion efficiency
Operating temperature
-40°C to +85°C
Max system voltage
715V DC

  • Model: [CT-K40]

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