20W Semi Flexible Solar Panel Black



3mm thick solar panel for charging 12V batteries.
A neat lightweight battery maintenance solar panel with no glass to break.
The solar cells are "A" grade American.
The wiring block is on the front of the panel so the panel can be installed flat to a surface.
Installation of the panel can be done permanently by using an adhesive to stick the panel down or screwed down through the eyelets. The mounting surface does not have to be completely flat as the panel is able to curve in a semi flexible manner to adhere to most surfaces.
This size panel is great for battery maintenance when you just don't get time to get out and use the boat. A small regulator is advised to be used with this panel as it will stop charging when the battery is fully charged.
It will reduce the problems you have with your battery going flat when your boat is in storage.
This panel can be connected to a dual battery solar controller and charge two 12V batteries at the same time.
This panel can also be used to maintain any 12V battery when hooked to a suitable 12V regulator.
Module size (mm)
473 x 277 x 3
Weight (kg)
Maximum Power (Pmax)
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)
Maximum Power current (Imp)
Open circuit voltage (Voc)
Short circuit current (Isc)
Maximum system voltage
700V DC

Please note there is protective plastic covering the panel in the photos.
This has to be removed once installed.

  • Model: [CT-SF20B]

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