20W 12V Battery Charger Solar Panel Kit



20W Mono Solar Panel, 3Amp Waterproof Regulator, Support Leg and Strap, Wire, Battery Clips and Carry/Storage Bag.
The 20W Solar Panel consists of 'A' grade monocrystalline solar cells, 25mm aluminium frame and toughened glass.
A support leg and strap make this panel free standing and portable.
The 3Amp solar panel controller/regulator is attached to the rear of the panel. It will give your battery a controlled charge. It will stop charging when your battery is fully charged and restart automatically if the voltage drops. 4.5 metres of wire with battery clips attached to the regulator.
A reusable Velcro tie is attached to the wire to hold the wire in place when rolled up.
This kit is great for boats, cars, mowers, motor bikes, caravans, camping and all of those batteries in the shed we all neglect to charge and find them flat when we want to use them.
Put it on the dash of the boat and hook to the batteries.
No running cost, just hook up and walk away.
No fuses to blow.
Truly an easy to use quality product.
An asset to any man's shed.
This kit is different to a small milliampere solar charger. It has a regulator included.
Most small solar chargers do not include a regulator. Sure, they are cheaper but batteries are expensive. A solar panel without a regulator does not know when your battery is fully charged so it just keeps putting power into battery. An overcharged battery will shorten the life of your battery as quick as an under charged battery will. So, do not compare one of those cheaper non-regulated solar battery charging kits to this kit. They are very different.
Module size (mm)
430 x 355 x 25
Weight (kg)
Power tolerance
Nominal peak power (Wp)
Nominal voltage (V)
Nominal current (A)
Voltage temperature coefficient
Current temperature coefficient
Power temperate coefficient
Open circuit voltage (Voc)
Short circuit current (Isc)
Conversion efficiency
Operating temperature
-40°C to +85°C
Max system voltage
600V DC
12V/24V 3Amp
This kit will not charge a 24V battery system as the solar panel is designed to charge 12V.

  • Model: [CT-K20]

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