100Ah Relion Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery



100Ah Relion Litium (LiFePO4) Battery


Lithium Benefits
  • Significantly less weight
  • 10x longer life span than lead acid
  • Green energy source with zero emissions
  • Fully automatic built in battery protection
  • 99% efficient
  • Safe LiFePO4 technology
  • Standard BCI and DIN sizes
  • Greater energy density
  • Endless applications
RELiON Lithium Advantages
Safety: Every RELiON lithium battery utilizes LiFePO4 chemistry. LiFePO4 cell design includes various safeguards including high temp thermal fuse, flame retardant additive and pressure relief valves. Our cells meet UL, UN, CE and ROHS certifications.
Life Span: A RELiON lithium battery lasts 10x longer than a lead acid battery. The life span of a battery is typically measured in cycles. A RELiON lithium battery cycles 5,000 times at 100% DOD compared to a typical lead acid battery that cycles 500 times at 80% DOD. 
Return on Investment: RELiON lithium offers a significant advantage over lead acid when comparing total life-cycle costs. Lithium holds a clear advantage over lead acid in replacement cost plus the added benefit of significantly reduced charging expense.
Charging: Conveniently, RELiON lithium batteries are designed to work with typical AGM chargers. Since the LiFePO4 charging profile is very similar to AGM, most chargers and battery inverters will accommodate our battery.
Applications: Some of RELiON's endless applications include marine, solar, golf, electric vehicles, RV, security, proprietary custom packs, UPS & switchgear, and military.
Part Number
BCI Case
329L x 172W x 216H mm


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