Curtech 30Amp 12V LCD Solar Charge Controller



This regulator has some new features which will not only help maintain your battery charge but will also provide you with information so you are in control.
One of the features is the ability not to only show a battery voltage but this regulator will display 100% in the bar graph at the top of the screen when the battery is fully charged. It takes the guess work out of knowing if your battery is charged or not.
In addition to this, by a simple press of the voltage button the Amps which are being input to your battery will display.
By pressing this button again, the accumulated Amps output to your battery will be displayed.
This regulator will not only charge the standard AGM, GEL and FLOOD batteries it can also charge LiFePO4, LTO (Lithium Titanium Oxide) and CALCIUM BATTERIES.
It also is reverse polarity protected.

Electrical Parameters

Rated solar panel Amps for CT12-30A
Normal input Solar cell array voltage
Max. solar cell array voltage (output has no load)
The controller lowest operating voltage
(at solar or battery side)
Maximum voltage drop - Solar panel to battery

Charging Characteristics

Minimum battery start charging voltage
Soft start charging voltage
3-10VDC +/-0.2
Soft start charging current (50% PWM duty)
Up to 15Amp
Bulk charge voltage
10-14VDC +/-0.2
Absorption charging voltage at 25°C
  • LTO type battery
14.0VDC +/-0.2
  • Gel type battery
14.1VDC +/-0.2
  • LiFePO4
14.4VDC +/-0.2
  • AGM type battery (default setting)
14.4VDC +/-0.2
  • WET type battery
14.7VDC +/-0.2
  • Calcium type battery
14.9VDC +/-0.2
Absorption transits to Equalizing or Float condition
  • Charging current drops to
0.5Amp +/-0.1
  • or Absorption charging timer timed out
4 Hours
Equalization charging active (Only for WET or Calcium battery)
  • Battery voltage discharged to less than
10VDC +/-0.2
  • Automatic equalizing charging periodical
28 Days
Equalization charging voltage at 25°C
15.5VDC +/-0.2
Equalization charging timer timed out
2 Hours
Float charging voltage at 25°C
  • For LTO and LiFePO4 battery
13.4VDC +/-0.2
  • For Gel, AGM, WET, Calcium battery
13.6VDC +/-0.2
Voltage control accuracy
+/- 1%
Battery temperature compensation coefficient
-24 mV/°C
Temperature compensation range
-20 to +50°C


Against reverse polarity or short circuit
No reverse current from battery to solar at night
Over temperature protection during charging
Transient over voltage protection with TVS or varistor

Electrical parts

Input output terminal
M5 terminals
Remote port
RL-11 (6 pins)

Physical Parameters

Controller material
Plastic, Standard ABS
Power terminal maximum stranded wire size
#6 AWG stranded 16mm2
Power terminal torque
Up to 17 in-lb (0.2n-m)
Vertical wall mounting
IP grade
Net weight
Approx. 300g

Environmental characteristics

Operating temperature
-25 to 50°C
Storage temperature
-40 to 85°C
Operating Humidity range
100% no condensation

  • Model: [CT12-30AL]

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