Marine/Boat Solar Panels

Our range of Solar Panels are made from quality materials.
We offer a range of flat panels from 10Watts to 160Watts and Folding Solar Panel Kits from 20Watts to 200Watts.
New to our range is our Semi Flexible Solar Panels. These 3mm thick solar panels are widely used in the marine industry for charging 12V batteries. Installation of the panel can be done permanently by using an adhesive to stick the panel down. The mounting surface does not have to be completely flat as the panel is able to curve in a semi flexible manner to adhere to most surfaces.
Fixed panel mounting for the larger vessel or portable/folding panels for the smaller boats.
Mounting brackets are available to help reduce the need to screw the panels to the roof. Our range of mounting brackets can be Sikaflexed to roof. They are also helpful to reduce the sharp edges on the solar panel which helps storage covers to be used with greater ease.     Mounting Brackets     Solar Panels
Now available is a regulator which can charge two batteries individually at the same time. Great for a boat with a battery isolator switch. You can be running on one battery but charging two at the one time.     Dual Battery Controller
Handy to top up the battery after using or while using an electric motor, fish finder or GPS. A great maintenance battery charger when you cannot get out to catch the big ones.
NO noise and no running cost.
Just hook a solar panel to a quality regulator and your batteries will be well maintained. (kits come with regulators and battery connection leads)
Please have a look at our range of products.
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These images supplied by John.
Photos of a 125W Solar Panel mounted on his boat along with a dual batttery solar controller charger.

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